The Hotel Zodiac is located in Bailén , a village with an Iberian origin where you can access to the Valley of the Guadalquivir, whose history dates back to the year 208 BC.

In 1808, the town received the title of 'Very Noble and Illustrious City', because this are was a witness of the Battle of Bailén . The commemorative festivity of this battle takes place between 17th and 22nd of July, with the participation of the Army.

On August 5th you can visit a fair dedicated to Our Lady of Zocueca (Patron and First Captain General of Spain), where a pilgrimage the last Sunday of September. This is a festival that attracts both believers and tourists.

The economy of Bailén is based in artistic ceramics and building materials, together with catering, olives and vines. During your stay you will can also visit examples of traditional businesses of the area.

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